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  • Value & Maintenance Condition Analytics to Optimize Your Aircraft's Value
    Know You Have
    Future market impacts on asset fair market value?
    Major sector(s) adding / detracting value?
    Residual Value within a few years?
    Current Maintenance Exposure?
    Future major Maintenance dates?
    Estimated major maintenance costs?
    Hourly Cost Maintenance Program coverage value?
    Asset Quality Rating?
    Projected Quality Rating?
    Current and Projected Asset Insight Index Figures?
    Forecasted value at transaction closing?
    Orderly Liquidation Value over the next few years?
    Current Maintenance Equity?
    Forecasted Maintenance Expense?
    How does it compare to the "for sale" fleet?
    Future re-marketability?
    Low Price or Good Value?
    Think You've Considered Everything?
Simplify Complex Relationships
Analyze complex asset relationships from numerous perspectives to derive actionable, financial information that empowers you to make educated decisions.