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Online Purchases


$ 2999 /annually
The Asset Decision-making And Planning Tool ("ADAPT") provides a custom real time dashboard for users to convienently and easily decipher complex information to make educated decisions. It is the most cost efficient way to obtain all Asset Insight's online service offerings.
  • Annual Access to The Graybook Asset Quality EvaluatorTM
  • Unlimited Individual Analysis
  • Unlimited Electronic Value Analysis (eVATM
  • Unlimited Electronic Residual Value Analysis (eRVATM
  • Unlimited Future Transactional Value Trend (eTrendTM
  • Unlimited Portfolio Options for Fleet Segregation & Analysis
  • Aircraft Location Information
  • Ability to Invoice Third Parties
  • Daily Updates for Current and Projected Ratings
  • Projected Inspection Completion Dates for Maintenance Events
  • Asset Remarketing Exposure Value
  • Buy Sell Optimization Forcast

Individual Aircraft Analysis

$ 299 /per Asset
An individual aircraft analysis includes those basic item required for an additional service offerings or analytics.
  • Asset Insight Index
  • Major Sectors Index
  • Hourly Cost Maintenance Program Value
  • Maintenance Exposure to Price Ratio ("ETP Ratio")

Electronic Value Analysis (eVATM)

$ 599 /per Asset
An electronic valuation of your asset using the same methodology and tools used by the appraisers.
  • Current Fair Market Value ("FMV")
  • Current Orderly Liquidation Value ("OLV")
  • Available estimated 10 year residual FMV and OLV figures
  • Available eTrendTM projecting fair market value over one quarter from valuation

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