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2017 Demand Remained Stable, While Asking Prices Saw Significant Decline
At year-end 2017, market demand, across all segments of the business aircraft market, remained relatively unchanged from 2016, closing the year at just below average demand, according to Asset Insight’s quarterly Market Report. Buyers were the beneficiaries of a 22% decrease in asking prices during the past year, while our tracked inventory fleet ended 2017 in the “Very Good” Asset Quality range.
Record Low Ask Prices Enticing Buyers - Sales Primarily Focused on Higher Quality Aircraft
Trading of high quality aircraft remains active, as savvy buyers seek to derive value due to historically low prices. Due to ongoing high inventory levels among older, remaining inventory aircraft, and sellers’ traditional Q4 desire to sell their aircraft prior to year-end, average values are expected to fall during Q4, according to Asset Insight’s Market Report (AI2 Market Report) covering Q3.
Trends Reveal Record Low Prices in Q3 Pre-Owned Business Jet and Turboprops Transactions
While the demand for pre-owned business jet and turboprop aircraft remains unchanged, record low prices are enticing value-focused buyers to act, according to Asset Insight's Q2 2017 issue of its Asset Insight Market Report (AI2 Market Report).
Excellent Maintenance Quality and Record Low Ask Prices Offer Great Deals for Buyers
While market demand remains steady, prices continue to fall, and data indicates that they will continue to fall, through Q2 2017. The silver lining is that the pre-owned business aircraft market has many excellent aircraft for sale for a very good value, presenting buyers an extraordinary opportunity.
Asset Insight Adds eValue Aircraft Valuation to its ADAPT System
Complete, Up-to-Date, Unbiased Value Picture of Specific Aircraft or Whole Fleet Now as Simple as a Mouse-Click.
The Mod Squad - Business Aviation Advisor ~ Improve Safety and Value with After-Market Modifications
Business aircraft – manufactured to the same specifications as commercial airliners – are a good investment, built to last 20 to 30 years. When it comes time to upgrade your aircraft, you can buy new, or you can consider aftermarket modifications. During the past decade, the range of modification options has increased dramatically, including more powerful and/or efficient engines, advanced propeller designs, cameras to view the aircraft’s exterior while it is airborne, and performance enhancers, such as winglets, which are vertical extensions added to the tip of the aircraft wing, designed to reduce drag and increase aerodynamic efficiency.
Asset Insight and SAI Valuations Merge
Merged Entity Uniquely Able to Provide Powerful World Class Aircraft Valuation and Maintenance Analytics Tools and Resources
Supply & Demand - ProPilot
I was listening to an experienced, NARA-certified aircraft broker recently, who told me about how sellers unrealistically keep hoping to secure values they achieved during "the good old days," while prospective buyers continue to sit on the sidelines not wishing to overpay for aircraft whose prices appear to be continuously decreasing. After thinking about this market phenomenon, I concluded that both buyers and sellers need a reality check.
The Top 10 Asset Management Ideas to Help You Sleep Better at Night

Every business manager has plenty to think about, and some business issues lead to restless nights. Managing a valuable, yet non-core, business asset need not be one of those issues. Here are some ideas to help you sleep better.

Asset Insight Launches "ADAPT" Tool for Business Aircraft Fleet Managers
Asset Decision-making And Planning Tool (ADAPT) now available by subscription.
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